Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[Movie Review] Yi Ge Dou Bu Neng Shao (Not One Less). Mandarin. 1999.

It starts off as a slow Earthy tale of a 13 year old recent graduate who is forced to teach in the local primary school as the present (and the only) teacher had to leave to look after his dying Mother. Soon you notice the dynamics of a budding teacher (who herself is adolescent) with a class of 28 students, making you long for the control and stature that she lacks. The kids are a handful, and then some. Especially this one boy whose only solace is in being the center of attraction of the class; by hook, or by crook.

The story takes a swift turn when the previous teacher and the village-mayor promise Wei 50 Yuan in a month, and bonus, if she succeeds in retaining the student-count to 28, not one less. Before your realize, the plot has chained itself around you, as you become a first person force from a passive observer. You will grind teeth, cross nails with each other, and be amazed at the resilience and tirelessness that a teenager demonstrates when looking for a lost student. And then it will hit you. Simplicity. Courage. Perseverance. And three tears.

What a bliss to watch this live painting by Yimou Zhang. The only movie in a long while that gets a perfect score from me: 5.0/5.0. Bravo!

----------------Chinese (Simple) translation by Yahoo Babel Fish--------------------

它开始作为被迫在地方小学教一个十三岁的近期毕业生的一个缓慢的土质传说,当当前(和唯一)老师必须离开照看他死的母亲。 很快您注意一位发芽的老师(谁她自己的动力学青年期)有28名学生类的,做您渴望她缺乏的控制和身材。 孩子是极少数,还不止这些。 特别是唯一的安慰在是类的吸引力的中心的这一个男孩; 由勾子,或者由弯曲处。 故事采取一个快速轮,当早先老师和村庄市长在一个月时许诺韦50元和奖金,如果她在保留成功学生计数到28,没有一。 在您体会之前,剧情在您附近束缚了自己,当您成为从一名被动观察员的第一人力量。 您将研牙,互相的发怒钉子和惊奇在韧性和tirelessness少年展示,当正在寻找一名失去的学生。 它然后将击中您。 朴素。 勇气。 坚持不懈。 并且三滴泪花。 观看这张活绘画的极乐Yimou张。 从我得到一个完善的比分很长时间的唯一的电影: 5.0/5.0. 喝彩声!

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